Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Writer's Mind

No one told me that a writer becomes consumed with ideas and stories that occupy the mind 24-7. It is sometimes impossible to turn off. You are writing or thinking about writing most of the day and night. There are times you wish you could give your brain a break and just go blank like turning off a switch and then turn it back on when it is more convenient. Oh, if it were so simple.

There are many untold stories and some told that should have remained untold. I have read those books before. You continue to read and wonder when it will get really good so you stay with it only to find it never does. Then there are those books that you wish would never end and you hate to stop for even a moment and life just gets in your way.

I think life is much like a book. There are those days that you hope will get better as you go through them but they never do. Then there are those days that you wish would never end because everything is going right and you just can't get enough of it.

If my life were a book right now I think I would put it down and forget about it and pick it up again tomorrow and hope it gets better.

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