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Harrison Enters the Soap Box Derby-reviews

"This book is WONDERFUL!!!!  My son wants to read it every night and is begging me to build a soap box derby car"!!!! (Google review)

"I had a chance to read a preview copy of this book, and found it to be a great balance of adventure and Scriptural teaching.  It's a good story to read at bedtime and is one of those books that "grows" with a child as his/her own level of reading skill develops.  Best of all, it teaches children Scripture memory while providing them with imaginative stories to dream about." (Google review)

"Becky's writing is fun and adventurous for young children, especially boys.  Illustrations are beautifully and uniquely done. Reading her book is a favorite for my grandsons." (Linked IN)
"How delighted I was to find this appealing little book for my nephew!  I appreciate the way you tell the story with a Christian emphasis and keep the fun and sweetness of childhood.  I loved your drawings and did not realize until later that you had illustrated the book.  What a treat for my nephew." (Facebook)

Harrison Goes Camping-reviews

This picture book passed the ultimate litmus test-my five kids; they loved it.  In Harrison Goes Camping
this younster learns some hard lessons about disobedience.  It's a good way for parents to remind their children about choices and consequences early in life.  You'll be "beary" surprised with the ending.
"Chuck" on Amazon.

A simple story about a young boy and how a marshmallow got him in serious trouble.  This camping tale, told for young children, demostrates the importance of obedience, even in small things.  Bible verses accompany each page and illustrate truths.
"Anita" on Amazon


Some of my fondest childood memories are from camping with my family.  Reading Harrison Goes Camping brought back the excitement of preparing for these trips.  I remember the joy of reaching our destination, setting up camp, hiking, and telling stories in front of a fire--just as Harrison did.

This picture book offers a beautiful story with a strong message.  It opens up opportunity for parents to discuss the importance of obedience and the consequences of disobedience.

I especially liked the snippets of scripture included throughout the story.

Good job!
"K Payne" on Amazon

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