Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Hip!

To all of you that visit this site every week looking for something new, I apologize. The only new thing in my life right now is a shiny new Titanium Hip. Yep, Really!! "All I want for Christmas is my two new hips...LOL:)

I am recovering well with the first installment and look somewhat forward to the other in a few months. Guess I boogied a little too much in my younger years and am paying the price for it now. I do believe those 4 -5" heels I lived in for 20 years did have something to do with it. So, take heed young girls or you too will pay the price.

To all of you that bought my first book in The Harrison Series, you are blessings in my life. I do hope you enjoyed it. In January I will begin my second story in the series. The new story is Harrison's absolute favorite story. He was once found on the playground surrounded by children telling his version of the story and they were very intrigued. Maybe his version is better...hmmmmmm!?

I have been working very hard on a mini novel for Christmas and did hope to have it out by this year but due to health issues will have to wait until next year. I will take that as a word from above that it needs more work. My editor loves this book and I think it is coming together quiet well. This will be for us girls and has nothing to do with The Harrison Series. So I hope it will be something to look forward to.

May all of you have a Christ filled Christmas knowing HE died for you and me. Thank you Lord and Happy Birthday!!

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