Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Deciding" to be a writer...

Several of you have asked me how I decided to become a writer. Do we, in fact, decide such things? Possibly, maybe sometimes, but as for me it just seemed to fall into my lap.

I certainly was not on a path to writing that I can pin point but certainly do see it in my background. My father wrote all the time, working constantly on his "Book" as he would say. My mother wrote poetry, everywhere, on the back of magazine covers, on napkins, on scraps of paper, literally everywhere.

Did my father's book ever get published, no. He worked on it most of my life and talked about it often. As a Baptist Preacher, he wanted to write a book on all the things God had revealed to him during his study of God's word and there were many. There were truths that one would miss just reading Scripture. He had a way of looking through the word, focusing on one thing, expounding on that one little Word, and opening my eyes to things that God was showing him. Oh, to be able to sit at his feet now and really pay attention. You think your parents will always be there, but unfortunately, they do pass from this life. While taking with them all the knowledge they tried to share with you.   If you were like me, you listened occasionally, but mostly you were busy with your life and did not take the time to sit. When my father went to an assisted living facility the last five years of his life, that was the time I really sat to listen.

As for my writing, it began when my grandson was born. I began telling him bedtime stories with him as the main character. He was about 2 years old when this started, and making him the lead character seemed to delight him. He would ask for the story repeatedly, and I would tell him. If I forgot, or changed a line, he would quickly correct me. The first story was told so much that I got tired of it, which led me to make up another one. After sharing this with a friend, she suggested that I write them down for I did.  Then one thing led to another, and here I am an author of children's stories. I found that I love to write and that was something I never expected. God has brought me to this new adventure for a purpose, and I am excited to see where He takes me.

That is it in a nutshell, my writing thus far. Only God knows the big picture so let's all see where I go on this new adventure.

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