Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Harrison Enters the Race

I was able to spend time with the real Harrison this past week end.  It was an active week-end as it often is.  Watching him grow up is bittersweet though.  Of course, we all want our children and grandchildren to grow up, that is the normal path.  But we also want to enjoy them, in their small state, as long as possible too.

The first book I wrote was about Harrison entering a soap box race.  This week end he entered his first Pinewood Derby Race with his Cub Scout Troop.  As I watched him racing his car I thought back to the book and the little two year old boy with curls all over his head.  I remember the first time I told him that story and how excited he was to hear a story about himself.  Now, I was watching that story unfold before me in a similar way.

This time it was a Pinewood Derby rather than a Soap Box Race.  His father helped him this time and not his grandfather.  He was much older now not the toddler I once told the story to.  But the look on his face was the same and the excitement of the race was the same.  He was in the real race this time, experiencing the tension, and excitement, and a crowd cheering him on.

He did not win the race as he did in the book but he came in third place for his troop.  He won a big trophy just like he did in the book.  This one was real, one you could hold in your hand and display in your room.   I was so proud of him and although I had nothing to do with this event  I couldn't help but feel I had something to do with the courage and excitement that he felt when he entered this race and stood to receive his trophy.

I was honored to watch him win his trophy and I am so blessed to be "his Gabbe".

I still love you little buddy.....

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