Tuesday, July 24, 2012


While I watch the news reports about the Aurora shootings, I am reminded that
our secure little world is not so secure after all.  We often feel a false sense of security when we surround ourselves with friends, family, and church, but we are vulnerable.

Our days are numbered here on earth and only God knows the actual day and time of our expiration.
We can take comfort,  knowing that He is in charge of all the details of our lives, right up to the end.  Even though we live in a depraved world He still controls the outcome of our lives.

We only need to focus on our relationship with God and he will direct our paths.  Whether we are in a movie theater or on our way home from church.  He is Lord and our last days are in His hands.  That is quiet remarkable, when you think about it.

Although our world may not be secure, our Lord gives us all the security we need.  Let's keep our focus on Him during these days of sorrow.

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