Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A glitch as defined in the dictionary is a minor malfunction,  mishap, snag,  hiccup, or bug.  Webster says it is a minor problem that causes a temporary setback.

I have reached that temporary setback or that snag along the way.  But I find that a glitch can be much more in the publishing world.  Yes, it is temporary, and yes, it  can be fixed.  It feels more major than minor to me and more of a spasmodic cough than a hiccup.

It seems that while I transferred my book files to the printer, they were damaged and corrupted.  In layman's terms-unprintable!  Now, I ask you, doesn't that feel greater than  a mishap?  It does to me.

As I struggle with this new process, I find that I have been running around with my files UNZIPPED.  How embarrassing! 

I have now learned how to zip and  hope that solves the problem.  Rest assured that I will forever be zipping before I hit send...

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